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Elise came highly recommended to us through a friend who has worked with her for many years on several sale and purchases. Elise is amazing! She is extremely personable, down to earth, understanding, smart, patient, and just very easy to talk to. is was our first sale and she was so easygoing and walked us through the whole process. She is very knowledgeable of the current real-eate market and worked so hard to get us top dollar for our townhome. I would recommend Elise’s services in a heartbeat!
– Anne Oughtred & Tyler Therman

We were first recommended to Elise by our mortgage specialist in 2007. We were rst time home buyers and didn’t know what to expect. Elise was very patient with us and explained the entire process to make sure there were no surprises. Elise is very friendly and easy to talk to.

This past year it was time to upgrade to a new home and there was no question that we would be relying on Elise again to sell our house and and a new home. Our listing was one of the best we’ve seen. It included professional photos, professionally done floor plans, and attention to the smallest detail. Our open house was a huge success and we got above asking in less than one week. We highly recommend her to anyone we talk to looking for a realtor.
– Tabytha Uslar & Adam Balazs

Elise Weatherby is a pleasure to work with, which is why we have chosen her as our realtor multiple times. Elise will care about your needs, be your advocate, ask the delicate questions, all the while remaining respectful of all the parties concerned. Having dealt with many other realtors, we can attest that Elise is a rare and who is in your corner to make your real eate dreams come true.
– Jeannie Buchanan Breit

Elise is a very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and effcient realtor, and she is always a pleasure and stress free to work. With questions or concerns, Elise is always available via email or phone and follows with issues immediately. My wife and I have full confidence in Elise and would deffinitely recommend her without hesitation!
-Adrian Law & Ruby Mak

Thank you so much for all your help and hard work over the years, we will definitely be sending any prospects we know in your direction.
– Brian and Rachel

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with the sale of the house. I know you put a lot of time in on it an I do appreciate it. Many thanks.
– April

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your time and energy in selling my old and finding me my new HOME!
– Pamela

Thank you again for being such a great realtor! I’m definitely passing your name on to anyone and everyone that I think will love you as much as I do.
– Hana

Thanks so much for all your hard work in finding us our new home. We wish you the best of everything!
– Grant & Tanya

Thank you very much for all your help and patience. I know I have been a pain in the butt but thanx for stickin it out!
– Dallas

Thank you so much for all your excellent advice, patience and flexibility with helping us sell two homes and buy another one in just six months! You are a great real estate agent and a wonderful person.
– Dan, Heather & Omar

Thank you so much Elise for everything you did for us. You have a great personality and you are a hard-worker, everything to succeed. The best to you and your loved ones.
– Mike & Isabelle

Thank you for all you did to make our move so successful!
– Bob & Sharron

Thank you for showing us our home, looking for houses and giving us our tour. We are looking forward to moving in to our new space. Thank you!
– Jeff & Astrid

We were impressed with your commitment to finding us the perfect house financially & emotionally. You are great and I’ve already referred you to everyone!
– Karen & J.J.

Friendly & Efficient service. A confident Realtor! Good knowledge of real estate market. Elise was right on in pricing our house to ensure a fast sale!
– Shelia

You are friendly, helpful, informative and most of all very non-threatening and non-intimidating. Thank you for making the purchase of my new place so stress free. You were great at answering all my questions and getting me the information that I needed.
– Reagan

We liked your honest advice and prompt follow-up. We think we made a great team.
– Roy & Cheryl

You were very nice, friendly and prompt and did exactly what we expected from you!
– Anton & Alla

Attention all first time home and seasoned buyers! I would like to take a moment to discuss my past present and future purchases with you regarding Elise. After several calls to many listings, I came across a wide variety of uninformative, pushy and unprofessional realtors in the lower mainland. My criteria was very distinct and my needs and wants were great. WE all want a castle on a shanty budget and that?s extremely hard to find. My initial call to The offices was the introduction of an assistant who proved to be most helpful, thoughtful and promised a return call within the hour. Sure enough at 42 minutes past the phone rang and it was Elise. Grateful for my call, her poise and disposition were non-confrontational or arrogant but instead a warm, sincere voice and a wealth of information soon carved assurity and a peace of mind of what a Realtor should truly be. After speaking in great length and no forcefulness in her tone, I knew from the get go, Elise was the one! After a relaxing conversation in my home regarding my possibilities of my sale, Elise pin pointed many details that required attention in order to list my home. Although the feat seemed unfathomable, Elise was calm cool and collected and guided me gently through the listing process. Within 8 days and one open house the offers started flowing and an Agreement was reached and the Subject date was set. Ohhhh the Subject date, talk about stress!!!! Not for Elise it’s just another day at the office and if I had a question, a true and honest answer was provided. While waiting for completion/closing I still had to find a new home in a market that was unforgiving. My castle I wanted sooo bad was sooo not out there and only shanties remained in the market. I never lost hope and never thought I would be stuck in “no mans land” as long as Elise was on my side. We found a property, a foreclosure to Boot! Now if you haven?t experienced a foreclosure the experience is quite exhilarating. I had bought and sold once before but never a foreclosure. Elise again guided me through the pros and cons, the ups and downs, the what ifs’ and the buts. The closing date came and went and my transition from sale to purchase has landed me a place 50% bigger than my former home and almost 50% less than the sale price of my former!!!!!! “Alas a mans home is his Castle” and I am truly grateful to both Brian and Elise for helping obtain this dream. Inclosing I would like say that if I have to do it again Elise is my first and only choice in buying and or selling. You’re in good hands with Elise,
– Joseph

We liked your knowledge of the market. You knew exactly what we wanted and cooperated with us all the way. You knew very well what we needed and your response to our needs was excellent. You never pushed us in any way. Your suggestions were excellent, so was your advise. We are very happy with this house and we are very happy with you. You never gave us up and at times when we were at ends and lost hope of finding a house, your skills and hope carried us to a happy conclusion. We spoke highly of you with our family and friends.
– Rajwanti, Pragna, Raman & Shyam

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the assistance you provided Suzanne and I in our search for a new home. Moving from Ontario, we had no one locally to assist us with this major investment, so finding a good realtor was very important to us. I am very happy to say that you exceeded our expectations. You clearly understood that we had limited time available to us to complete our search and were very proactive in providing us with numerous homes to consider in advance of our arrival in BC. All of our visits were logically scheduled and you ensured we stayed on schedule, despite a couple of wrong turns along the way. House hunting can be a stressful time, and you made sure it was anything but. It turned out to be a fun experience; one where we felt like we were working with a friend and not someone simply looking to collect a commission. We always felt like we had 100% of your attention and that your primary goal was not to ensure that we got a house, but instead that we got the right house. The small things that many other realtors may not have taken the time to do meant so much to us. Getting us copies of local phone books, investigating the schools in the areas we were looking at, providing commute time information, sending reminders as the closing date got closer, etc. We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends or family and should we decide to move in the future, will absolutely contact you. It was clear throughout this that you care about your clients. Thank you for such a positive experience.
– Craig & Suzanne

We appreciate all of your hard work and patience through our house hunting. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. We won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know in need of a Realtor. Thanks again.
– Brian & Tara

Thank you for doing such a great job of handling the purchase of my investment property. I’m grateful that you had the technology and expertise necessary to get my offer made and accepted so quickly. And your negotiation skills were essential to my being able to close the deal at such a good price. I’m very happy with the revenue this property brings and will certainly recommend your services wherever I can.
– Louise

We have recently purchased our first home with the guidance and assistance of Elise Weatherby. Her expertise, patience, understanding and friendly demeanor made the process pleasurable rather than daunting. From our first conversation, we felt that Elise was doing her very best to help us find the house we dreamed of at the price we could afford, and when we reached the decision to make an offer, she followed through on our behalf, questioning and negotiating in areas where we were out of our depth. We are extremely grateful to have had such a dedicated, hard-working, professional acting on our behalf and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her highly to anyone looking for a house. Elise is the real estate agent every client should be lucky enough to find and we wish her every success in her career.
– Mike & Peggy

My family and I recently purchased a new house. In the process, we were lucky to have the finest and most professional realtor: Elise Weatherby. Hiring Elise was the single most important choice we made in the process of purchasing our first home. This was a very important event for us, as it is our first house, and Elise could not possibly have made the process any easier or more pleasurable. She is an absolute professional and handled us with great care and attention throughout the entire process and beyond. I don’t think I would be in my own home right now if it wasn’t for the hard work that Elise put in. I am the kind of person that, under normal circumstances, would not to send a testimonial referring to someone’s work performance as I believe that doing your job the right way shouldn’t be the exception but the rule. But in this case, I feel so strongly about the remarkable level of service and dedication that Elise has shown, that I would like to give you a written account of what a great person you have working in your company. I am very meticulous and fastidiously precise. Obsessive compulsive you might call it, and as such demanded attention, sent dozens of emails and questioned every single step of the process. Elise was infinitely and endlessly patient, as well as being knowledgeable and well informed about everything I asked her. I was not able to find a problem to worry about during our time together, and believe me, this takes some doing. I know that most real estate transactions end with the sale, but Elise went above and beyond, staying with us through the whole process, including every single meeting with the developer and on closing date with the lawyer. In showing us such compassion and understanding, she alleviated the extreme anxiety and worry that we felt. Her personality and demeanor made us feel that we were secure in our purchase and we were able to move through the sale with ease and confidence. In closing, we found that our professional relationship with Elise, enhanced our buying experience and will forever colour our memories of buying our first home. As a person, her character, positive outlook and honesty shine through. We would not hesitate to engage Elise Weatherby for our real estate needs in the future and would recommend her to anyone seeking a real estate sales professional.
– Ricardo

Thank you for all the great work you did for Mike and me. We are so happy with our new home and the information you provided us, especially being new home buyers. Your attention to detail was fantastic and I appreciate the time you took to read over the strata minutes and every aspect of this process. I can’t extend enough thank yous for the fantastic work you did. THANK YOU!
– Tanja

Thanks for making my home buying experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. I really appreciate all your hard work and will definetely recommend you to friends!
– Heather

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