Port Coquitlam Real Estate

Locals lovingly refer to the 3 sister areas of Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam as the Tri-Cities. However each community has its own vibe and unique personality.

Port Coquitlam real estate has been underscored lately as the last “affordable” location before you are officially pushed out of the one hour community radius of downtown Vancouver. Port Coquitlam has a quieter vibe than its counterparts of Coquitlam and Port Moody. Where the extension of the Skytrain evergreen line has spurred the creation of micro-down towns. There are clusters of high rises resonating around the Skytrain stops. There is but a single hi-rise in Port Coquitlam over 4 stories! For commuters Port Coquitlam offers the west coast express commuter train or of course a short bus ride to connect with the Coquitlam Centre transit hub.

Port Coquitlam offers a wide selection of both strata and non-strata living spaces. As families migrate to the Eastern Lower Mainland with increasing prices, Port Coquitlam still offers many mid-market housing opportunities for families. Many 2 bedroom condos for under $500,000.  Also true non-stacked town homes in the $600,000 to $700,000 range. These are most appealing to families as the properties are becoming increasingly difficult to find in more westerly locations.

Families looking for detached homes are also drawn to Port Coquitlam. Port Coquitlam has the large stock of “traditional” suburban sized lots with classic 2 story homes. With currently half the detached housing stock listed on the market for sale at under one million dollars. It offers many more detached home options than other communities. For example detached homes under a million dollars are about 3% of the active inventory in the neighboring community of Coquitlam.

There is a home for young people and first time home buyers too! With many entry level condos centered around South PoCo’s shopping district a young commuter can live car free while enjoying great coffee shops and the summer farmers market.

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