MLS Real Estate Listings

Many home sellers assume when they hire a REALTOR® their home will be posted on the Multiple Listing Service. (MLS) But you might be surprised to know belonging to MLS is not required for real estate agents. It’s a voluntary organization and not all agents have opted into the service.

New developments and “pre-sales” are two categories of properties that don’t necessarily choose to place their listings on MLS. Or in some cases homeowners prefer a more private selling experience and don’t want their home “mass marketed.” While some agents simply don’t participate in the MLS system.

Even Realtors that have opted into MLS may choose not to use it on a case by case basis. As a home seller you would need to decide if the multiple listing service is your preference. If that is the case make sure you agent is participating!

Besides the general use of the MLS system in the lower mainland. We have two secondary classes of MLS uses “Reciprocity” and “World Properties”.

MLS Reciprocity gives all other MLS brokerages the ability to share your posting. Where as a standard MLS posting would only appear on the Realtor branded MLS websites.

MLS World Properties allows distribution of your home listing to international home search websites. Not just the local MLS brokerages.

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