Happily living with less

The Suburban dream has changed in and around Vancouver.  Where most of us have grown up with a back yard large enough to set up a volleyball net and a big unfinished basement to use as a rec room, times have changed. Modern families have a mortgage helper in the basement and a lane way house in the back yard or don’t live in a detached home at all.

To my generation, the people that grew up in the 80’s this all seems so wrong, we all assumed we would give our kids the same suburban life we had. Then all of a sudden Vancouver popped up into an international city and everything changed. Our urban landscape is more high rises than North Shore mountains these days.

To the younger generation though, they are growing up in apartments condos and townhomes, and they don’t know any different. Some urban families, with both parents working are even giving preference to the convenience of the condo lifestyle. No yard work on the weekends, no cleaning gutters or other maintenance duties and less worries about home security because nobody is home during the day.

What is very telling about the transition away from detached homes and into strata buildings is the pricing of large “family sized” condos and townhomes. In many cases a 3 bedroom condo or townhome costs almost as much as buying a fully detached home.

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