The difference between getting an appraisers and realtors market value reports

If you are considering selling your home, the first thing on your mind is probably what is my home worth? Many times home sellers will turn to the expertise of their local realtor to help guide them when it comes to pricing their property for sale. What is the difference between calling a realtor and calling an appraiser?

A realtor will put together what we call a comparative market analysis (CMA) for your home. A CMA shows what similar properties have sold for and what you would expect to receive when you sell your home. Most realtors will provide a CMA report free of charge. Free of charge for the opportunity to also make their sales presentation in the hopes you would hire them to handle the sale of your home. A realtor typically only charges for their services to sell your home.

An appraiser does not sell homes. Their services are specifically providing market value reports. Appraisers offer many types of appraisal reports. The most common are for banks and financial institutions during the mortgage approval process. Other purposes are for estate or divorce settlements where an official opinion of value is needed.

The reports realtors and appraisers provide are very similar. But their purposes are very different. Each report will include information about the comparable sold homes in the area. Why these homes are comparable as well as an estimate of value. If you are looking for a value for the purpose of refinancing your home or settling an estate you need a stamped certified report from an appraiser. But when you are ready to sell your home you need the expertise of a local realtor.  If you need an opinion of value give us a call to book an appointment today to receive your free of charge no obligation market value!

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