5 reasons your home won’t sell

Ready to sell your home and want it to have a great first impression on the market? Avoid these 5 most common mistakes.


This is first on the list for good reason, It’s the #1 reason a home won’t sell. Your home might not even be seen by the potential buyers because they are too worried about searching with in their budget.


Viewing properties on the internet is great for buyers. But even in this day and age it’s extremely rare a buyer would purchase a home online. Buyers need to get in and see your home in person.


Unless your home is being marketed only as a building lot or land value. Clear away all the clutter you can find. You will need to pack up before you move anyhow so try killing two birds with one stone and do it before going on the market.

  1. ODORS

Smoke, pets, old carpets, these are all things that can cause smells that will turn a buyer away. But just as noteworthy is overly nice smells if you lay on the air freshener of tons of scented candles buyer may think you have a trigger smell to hide, like mold or rodent issues.


Selling your home as-is may sound appealing at first, but being unwilling to make repairs might make your home unaffordable to buyers. Many buyers are putting everything they have into the down payment. Adding in extras like replacing an old hot water tank on its last legs might just be too much upfront money for the buyer to muster.

Avoid these common mistakes and soon the buyer of your home will be well on the way to being the happy new owner! Looking for more home selling tips before you book an appointment? Click here and grab a copy of our free home sellers guide today!


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